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La Tribe | Our newest footwear label

Introducing La Tribe to Alterior Motif. 

Since 2015 La Tribe has been bringing a compilation of effortlessly cool essentials. Designed in New Zealand, they offer timeless styles that are bold yet eloquent, rebellious yet unassuming, all striking the perfect balance between style and substance.

Shop La Tribe in stores and online at Alterior Motif now.

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Q&A with jewellery designer Nada Dickman of Gold Sister

Gold Sister is an Australian jewellery brand inspired by the love of gold, semi-precious stones and crystals. Founded in Melbourne in 2018 by jewellery designed Nada Dickman, Gold Sister is unique in that their pieces are sold separately can be worn as pairs, mixed up, layered or by themselves.
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Welcome Deiji Studios

We are very excited to welcome Deiji Studios to Alterior Motif.

Founded in 2016 by Juliette Harkness and Emma Nelson, Deiji Studios was formed with a vision to create high comfort, high quality linen bedding and loungewear, blurring the lines between sleepwear and ready-to-wear.

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How To Use | Rose Quartz Face Roller

A tool made to elevate your skincare routine, the face roller has major benefits through the simple act of massaging your face! Just like a body massage would, the face roller helps to reduce stress, redness and that early morning puffiness we all get.
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TV Eyes | A nod to the 60s in new Velvet Canyon

"It’s 1968, you’ve been watching the world fall apart from the safety of your lounge room - but you're ready to make a change. Put on your sunglasses - you can’t have anyone recognizing you where you’re going. The revolution won’t be televised, but it doesn’t matter to you; you are the revolution."


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