A Q&A with Rowie Moore, Founder of Rowie the Label.

A Q&A with Rowie Moore, Founder of Rowie the Label.

Founded in Byron Bay by namesake designer, Rowie Moore, ROWIE has grown into an internationally recognised label with four annual collections of ready-to-wear clothing, swimwear and accessories. From day one, the brand has gathered a loyal following through hand crafted, effortlessly styled pieces that pay respect to the coastal towns where they were created.

Rowie Moore, self-taught designer was raised on the north coast of NSW where she started making clothes at a young age. After leaving school at the age of fourteen, she exhibited her first show at the age of seventeen. Time spent in Syndey, making clothes for locals performers and selling her pieces at local markets led to the launch of  ROWIE in 2013.

Family-run business, ROWIE prides itself on using high quality, small-run productions and artisanal craftmanship, while sourcing sustainable, natural materials where possible.

 In honour of launching their latest Resort 24' drop in boutiques and online, we asked Rowie a few questions on the brand and what it means to her.


 What are the key pillars ROWIE The Label is based on?

ROWIE The Label is my greatest passion, anchored in key principles that shape its essence as a Brand. 
We aim to bring a curated collection of women's ready-to-wear clothing and accessories with a strong commitment to limited-run, small-scale production, ensuring exclusivity and meticulous craftsmanship is met. 
Sustainability is paramount, with a focus on environmentally friendly materials. 
Each piece is a testament to quality and enduring style, a fusion of consciousness and fashion-forward expression. 


You have a strong ethos on using high-quality, small-run productions whilst also sourcing sustainable natural materials wherever possible. How has sustainability evolved in your business since launching in 2013?

Sustainability has always been a guiding force at ROWIE The Label. Since our launch in 2013, it's been a journey of evolution and continuous improvement in our practices. 
Making less is crucial in the fashion industry, and I prioritise creating enduring pieces that transcend seasons.
My design process melds creativity with practicality, meeting trends with timeless wearability. 
Access to sustainable fabrics has expanded, marking significant progress in the industry.
I cherish sentimentality and aim to create enduring pieces, aligning with my love for keepsakes. 
Key considerations in our sustainability journey include using dead stock, recycled, and organic fibres. 
Our commitment extends to recycled, recyclable, and compostable packaging, including mailer bags and hang tags. Our head office operates on solar power, and we implement composting systems for our compostable packaging.
The heart of ROWIE beats sustainably, crafting pieces meant to be cherished in wardrobes for years to come.



 What are key components of the ROWIE Wardrobe? AND OR What inspires ROWIE designs?

The ROWIE wardrobe is defined by wearability, seamlessly blending past and new seasons. Comfort is paramount; we aim to look good and feel good in every piece. The blend of past and present creates a wardrobe that's timeless and effortlessly wearable.


With a shared consciousness to move toward a more sustainable future, we feel very lucky and proud to be able to stock this beautiful brand in our boutiques and in our everyday wardrobe at home.  Each collection continues to make us more and more excited, we can't wait to see what's next.

We love you, ROWIE x

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