We at Alterior Motif are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and looking after the people and the planet to our best ability. We believe it’s the small things we do everyday that make a real difference.
Some initiatives we’ve implemented into our stores and office include the following:
  • Biodegradable and recycled post bags are used for our online orders to greatly reduce our plastic use.
  • Stock transfers between our stores are sent in reusable and compostable bags or reusable boxes.
  • We have proper recycling bins and recycling systems in place in our stores and office including separate bins for hard plastic, glass, paper, soft plastic and general waste.
  • Compostable garment bags from our suppliers are used as bin liners instead of purchasing plastic bin bags.
  • Our staff bring keep cups to work instead of purchasing disposable coffee cups.
  • All soft plastics are correctly recycled.
  • Full time staff in our Noosa store live close by so are able to walk or ride to work each day, reducing how often they drive their cars and the subsequent negative environmental impacts.
  • Some furniture and shop fit elements in our stores are handmade by local artisans using recycled wood and offcuts.
  • We keep our stock quantities to a minimum when ordering for our stores and work closely with our suppliers to invest in special pieces and not support mass production.
  • Natural cleaning products are used in store that aren’t so harsh on the environment and our water systems.
  • We support local brands based on the Sunshine Coast to reduce garment travel miles.

Our brands

A big part of our efforts towards sustainability is working closely with brands that have a likeminded ethos and commitment to sustainability within their business. The majority of brands stocked at Alterior Motif are Australian and have a strong focus on sustainable and ethical production.
Here are our top 6 sustainable brands making incredible efforts towards sustainability and reducing their carbon footprint. Feel confident in your purchases knowing you are investing in high quality pieces that are good for the planet.


Sustainably made since 2006, Bassike are an Australian brand focusing on elevated basics with high end design and construction.
Bassike Jersey
Bassike's jersey range is zero waste and more than 95% of their cotton jersey garments are made with organic fabric. Bassike organic cotton is global organic textile standard certified (gots) — no to pesticides and waste, yes to rain-fed crops and biodegradable end products. Their cotton is up to 46% less emission-intensive than its conventional counterpart.
Bassike Environment
Bassike collections are designed in Australia, with more than 95% of their garments made in Australia. These short supply chains mean a reduced carbon footprint and total transparency. Bassike's major local manufacturing partners have transitioned to solar power and their linen mill is carbon neutral.
Bassike Longevity, Not Landfill


“We don’t make a lot of noise, but those who wear us, do.”
Nobody is a premium denim brand founded and made in Melbourne, Australia delivering high quality and innovative designs with sustainability and ethical practice a priority throughout the production process.
Nobody Local Manufacturing 
  • Keep jobs onshore and help keep the Australian textile manufacturing industry alive.
  • Employ over 80 people.
  • Contribute to the local economy.
  • Shorten our supply chain – their head office, factory, laundry and retail store are all within a 6km radius.
  • Increase transparency.
  • Reduce travel miles and minimise the carbon footprint of each garment.
Nobody Ethical

Accredited with Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA) and working closely with The Textile Clothing and Footwear Union of Australia (TCFUA) – Nobody Denim maintains an ethical workplace, provides fair wages and operates under Australian Worksafe approved conditions. Nobody Denim is proud of the conditions in which its clothing is made and believes that fashion should be made in a safe environment where creativity, quality and people are valued equally.

Nobody Environment
Water - 
  • Since 2017 Nobody have reduced water use by 50% in their stone washing and bleaching processes.
  • They are currently exploring other ways to save water, including steam recapture.
Energy - 
  • Nobody support the Paris Agreement on climate change and aim to decarbonise their business and supply chain, aligning with the global goal to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050


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Movements Not Seasons - NAGNATA is a directional, ethical sportswear and lifestyle brand designing pieces made for modern movement and studio-to-street style. From the brand’s conception, NAGNATA have focused on sustainable production and aim to redefine value in the fashion industry, encouraging “movements not seasons”.
Nagnata Minimal Waste

NAGNATA work with certified organic cotton as conventionally grown cotton crops are treated with synthetic pesticides, insecticides, herbicides and fertilisers. NAGNATA's MOVEMENT 001 launch collection of technical-knitwear is made from certified organic cotton and the garments are constructed as fully-fashioned knitwear pieces, to eliminate yarn wastage from the production process.

Nagnata Reuse, Recycle + Upcycle

NAGNATA encourage a culture of conscious consumerism by designing premium products that offer versatility, longevity and sustainably focused design. The brand aims to integrate these values through all aspects of the business from product to packaging.

NAGNATA products purchased online the brand STORE come packaged in a resusable organic cotton tote bag dyed using AZO free dyes. Promotional materials are printed on recycled paper with non toxic vegetable dyes where possible. All packaging and printed materials are reusable and recyclable.




Deiji Studios

At Deiji Studios, sustainability and social conscience is considered integral to every facet of their company. They embrace slow fashion, releasing products only when they are 100% sure they are something they love and would have in their wardrobes for years to come. 

Deiji Studios Responsibility 

Since the beginning of Deiji Studios in 2016, sustainability and social conscience have been considered integral to every facet of their company. In 2020 they partnered with Carbon Positive Australia to offset their entire carbon usage. It is their mission to continue to offset all future carbon usage and work towards zero-waste in their manufacturing process, refining all design elements to be recycled and biodegradable.

Deiji Studios Fabrications

Their collections are designed with a growing list of natural and sustainable fibers including certified French linen, GOTS cotton, hemp and GOTS cotton jersey, accredited and audited shearling and leather.These fabrics are naturally hypoallergenic and have unique anti-bacterial properties, making them highly breathable and even more importantly, they are 100% biodegradable.

Deiji Studios Commitments

Deiji Studios have ongoing commitments and memberships with the following initiatives -

- 1% For The Planet

- Carbon Positive

- Thread Together

- Worn For Good


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Zulu & Zephyr

Made for the sun, the salt and the sea. Zulu & Zephyr swimwear is ethically created from ECONYL which is made through a revolutionary process of regenerating recovered fishing nets and landfills back to their original pure nylon form. 
Zulu & Zephyr Econyl
Zulu & Zephyr's entire Signature swim and their Mini swim collections re-launched using ECONYL® in 2020. Featuring the classic ribbed lycra synonymous with Zulu & Zephyr, exclusively developed in premium, regenerated nylon. Made from ECONYL® Rib outer and lined in premium weight ECONYL® lining. ECONYL® represents 100% of our fabric usage for Signature & Mini swim collections.

ECONYL® yarn is made through a revolutionary process of recovering fishing nets and other nylon waste otherwise polluting the Earth from all over the world that then gets regenerated into its original, pure nylon form. Using a recycled material reduces waste and pollution in the environment but also cuts down the need for raw materials & crude oil used in the production of nylon.
Zulu & Zephyr GOTS Certified Organic Cotton

Choosing GOTS certified organic cotton ensures Zulu & Zephyr are aligned with the three pillars of sustainability; environmental, social and economic. Organic cotton is a more sustainable choice for a myriad of reasons. While conventional cotton is grown using pesticides and chemicals which degrade the soil, reducing the fertility of the land, organic agriculture has a positive, restorative effect. Through chemical-free farming practices, growers can enrich the land creating healthy, carbon-rich soils which require less water and mainly relies on rainwater.

Zulu & Zephyr Packaging

Zulu & Zephyr goods now travel from their makers to you in their biodegradable, corn starch garment bags that are home compostable. Switching from plastic poly bags to a biodegradable alternative has been a big step in eliminating plastic from their sampling & production process. All online orders are packaged in 100% recycled eco mailers that are compostable or recyclable.


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Joyeux is a locally owned and designed brand featuring effortless apparel designed for life. Joyeux pieces are created from natural fibres and utilise small run and sustainably minded production.

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St. Agni

Handcrafting quality and timeless pieces that are made to last, St Agni ensures ethical manufacturing while supporting artisans continuing to use traditional hand making techniques. They utilise natural and biodegradable fibres for their apparel and vegetable tanned leather for their footwear.
St. Agni Manufacturing

St. Agni's suppliers hold a number of internationally recognised certifications, St. Agni make it a priority for their key suppliers to continue certifications (SA800, SMETA, BSCI, Ethical clothing Australia) into the future. To aid and encourage this progress St. Agni have committed to financially support each supplier with 50% of the costs involved, to bring new and certified factories into the manufacturing industry. The approach of education and development, rather than abandoning our current manufacturers is what they believe to be part of our global responsibility.

St. Agni Accreditations

- SA8000 Certification+

- SMETA Certification+

- BSCI Certification+

- Ethical Clothing Australia

St. Agni Materials

- LWG Certification+

- GOTS Certification+

- European Flax Certification+

- Lenzing Certification+

- OKEO-TEX Certification+

- BCI Cotton Certification+

- RWS Certification

St. Agni Supported Organisations & Causes

- Worn For Good+

- Thread Together+

- UN Women+

- Mettle Women+

- Oxfarm For Lombok Earthquake+

- Red Cross Fire Relief


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Holly Ryan

Holly Ryan Jewellery handcrafts modern heirlooms designed for the everyday. Holly Ryan and her team are passionate about sustainability and aim to minimise their environmental impact wherever possible by using sustainable materials and low to zero waste processes.
Holly Ryan Raw Materials

“I use recycled materials for my jewellery and stones are sourced ethically,” Holly says. This commitment is important to the brand, because recycled silver and gold have a much lower impact on the environment than metals which are mined new.

Holly Ryan Made in Australia

In addition to using recycled metals and ethically sourced materials, Holly Ryan is also made in Australia. 

Holly Ryan Recycling Initiative

The Holly Ryan Recycling Initiative forms the backbone of our sustainability philosophy. Through this closed loop system, we invite you to return pre-owned Holly Ryan jewellery in the original box for store credit. According to Holly, "it's important to curate a collection of pieces you will wear forever and renew or rework those you no longer do."


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