Wanna Get To First Base?

Want to sweat in style? This Is First Base.


Born and raised on the shores of Bondi, this sustainable sports luxe brand is a must have wardrobe essential. With the desire to ‘truly get back to basics,’ and create something, ‘clean, simple and ultimately iconic,’ founder Alison Cotton fabricated a brand that ultimately reflected herself. 

This Is First Base has many aspects of fashion that, we at AM, love and feel very passionate about. Not only does their luxe sportswear and affordable price point catch our eye, their devotion to ethical production and sustainability is inspiring and all round a big YES! 


Did you know?


  • Fashion is the 2nd most polluting industry in the world, which is why First Base has been making changes. They have recently introduced sustainable bamboo into our fabric range. It's completely biodegradable, made without toxic chemicals and leaves no pollutants in the environment.
  • By 2025, two-thirds of the world's population may face water shortages. Regular cotton is often grown in water-scarce areas. First Base's 100% organic cotton fabric is 80% rain fed, which reduces the presuure on the local water sources. Through buying First Base products, you are investing in water conservation.



We were lucky enough to chat to Alison Cotton, founder and designer of First Base. It went a little something like this:


What has been your most exciting moment during the years working as first base?

  • So many - group surf trips to Byron and Sri Lanka, getting matching tattoos with the team, sharing my vision and passion for the brand with a group of amazing girls that are just as into it as I am - it’s the culture really, that’s the most exciting thing for me. Having an amazing brand culture with the best crew of girls - it’s a dream and makes every day so much better.


What future goals do you have for your brand?

  • Getting deeper into sustainability and making more changes in the way our supply chain works is really big for me. We’ve done a lot in the last 2 years towards this but there’s still work to be done and 2018 is going to see us take things so much further.


What inspires you on a rainy day?

  • Thinking about going surfing in Hawaii! 


What does ethical and sustainability mean to you?

  • It’s serious business! For us being ethically produced means that all the factories we work with are WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production ) Certified. Essentially the WRAP Certification ensures that all the working conditions that you or I are accustomed to are being met. Sustainability within the First Base brand means replacing fabrications that are not sustainable with ones that are, choosing recycled paper options for all of our paper and plastic products instead of virgin, using eco-friendly inks and dyes in our garments and constantly analysing the business to see where we can improve and make positive changes.


What makes First Base uniquely different from other labels?

  • We deliver irreverent, multi-tasking and on point sportswear that has a social framework championing a sustainable and ethical supply chain. Essentially - we make sustainability sexy and make you look good at the same time.


Coming into winter, what is your favourite go to outfit?

  • Has to be our Off Duty Drop Crotch Trackies and Baller Sweater - I’m super into this matchy-matchy khaki combo.


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