spell and the gypsy collective

spell and the gypsy collective

spell and the gypsy collective have been favourites of ours for yonks ... they seem to nail translating their incredible bohemian byron vibe into delicious wearable covetable bits and pieces. not to mention lizzy and spell are two of the most lovely ladies around. their blog is one of the ones that you follow forever and know they will always inspire. every lookbook is a window into their world ... right click and saveable images that transport you to that amazing byron weekend away that you are craving like hell to get back to. welcome back spell. we adore you. images from spell's latest lookbook - check all the images here: http://www.spelldesigns.com/lookbooks/lastdaysofsummer/

shop the look:

slouchies in soft leopard: http://www.alteriormotif.com.au/shop/bam-bam-slouchies

summer nights soft leopard blazer: http://www.alteriormotif.com.au/shop/summer-nights-blazer

prism bomb necklace: http://www.alteriormotif.com.au/shop/prism-bomb-necklace

hanalei petite cowrie shell necklace: http://www.alteriormotif.com.au/shop/hanalei-petite-cowrie-shell-necklace

dark side of the moon necklace: http://www.alteriormotif.com.au/shop/dark-side-moon-necklace

appalachian quartz neclace: http://www.alteriormotif.com.au/shop/appalachian-quartz-necklace


plus loads of other goodies here: http://www.alteriormotif.com.au/shop/designers/spell