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purse n' loads of boots

purse n' loads of boots

ashley glorioso ... author of pursenboots blog, senior stylist at nastygal, and bestie of zoe grossman ... need we say more?

loved these pics peeking inside ashley's wardrobe from the nasty girl blog ... if only my wardrobe took over the whole of my house. and the boots! sigh... dream with me?

“I definitely have a boho vibe about me—something just draws me to fringe and crochet and lace, oh my! But I definitely like to switch my look up as often as I can! I like a good tomboy outfit, a little toddler onesie vibe from time to time, and a rocker vibe with the 873,249 leather jackets I own. You gotta keep people on their toes with a different look all the time!”

sounds like our kinda gal x