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New Label Love | Sans Ceuticals

New Label Love | Sans Ceuticals

We are excited to welcome Sans Ceuticals to the Alterior Motif family. ‘Sans’ means ‘without’ in French. All Sans Ceuticals products and their ingredients are pure and sustainable, with absolutely no harmful additives. They’re made fresh in New Zealand in small batches and 100% naturally derived.

Founder Lucy Vincent has worked closely with a team of New Zealand’s top scientists and cell biologists to deliver products made up of high performing ingredients that are highly active and as pure as possible.

Lucy is an advocate of diverse beauty in all its shapes and forms, at any age. The skin is the largest organ and absorbs 70% of what is applied to its surface. Lucy’s knowledge of this formed the foundation for Sans Cueticals ethos and product formulations.

Sans Ceuticals is a “convergence of everything that really matters to me. I want to use products that are natural, environmentally responsible and sustainable – but they also have to perform and be effective” – Lucy Vincent.

Sans Ceuticals is now available at Alterior Motif in stores and online.