New Label Love / House Of Sunny

New Label Love / House Of Sunny

Out of East London, we welcome the newest addition to Alterior Motif — House Of Sunny.

Their pieces are carefully crafted to bring elevated essentials and innovative design to your everyday with sustainability in mind.

Their debut collection with us sees use of texture and bespoke design features with a colour palette of pearl white, garden green and bright florals.

We asked Sunny, the designer behind the label, a few questions and you can see his answers below!




AM: Who is the House Of Sunny girl? Did you design your collection with a particular woman in mind?

SUNNY: We indeed are super inspired by such a wide range of women but it’s more of an ethos and disciplines we still within, rather than a particular person it’s more of a mood.


AM: How do you want women to feel when wearing House Of Sunny?

SUNNY: Unique and sourced.


AM: What is your favourite piece from your latest collection and why?

SUNNY: I’m personally obsessed with the Penny coats. The design detail trims excel them over all the fur trim coats on the market. The pin tucks are hand sewn and inspired by 1920s flapper coats in NYC.


AM: How would you describe your personal style?

SUNNY: Constantly in the state of becoming! Thanks Bob Dylan.


AM: Describe House Of Sunny in three words.

SUNNY: Unique. Attention seeking. Underground.


AM: What’s next for House Of Sunny?

SUNNY: So much! Further our product range, collaborations and world tour! 




Shop House Of Sunny in stores and online at Alterior Motif.