How To Use | Rose Quartz Face Roller

How To Use | Rose Quartz Face Roller

A tool made to elevate your skincare routine, the face roller has major benefits through the simple act of massaging your face! Just like a body massage would, the face roller helps to reduce stress, redness and that early morning puffiness we all get. Other benefits include improving blood circulation, helps to clear the sinuses, cools and smoothes the skin and is a great way to distribute your skin care products over the face.

Through rolling the cool stone in an upward movement, the roller helps in lymphatic drainage to help contour the face through detoxify the skin with best results coming from daily usage. Come in store today and get your hands on our rose quartz face roller to encourage skin cell rejuvenation for glowing, radiant skin.

How to use:
A few minutes is all you need to gain these incredible benefits

1. Apply a face serium, oil or moisturiser as this helps the rolling motion, as if used with no product the tool can tug on the skin leading to potential wrinkles.

2. Start at the neck and roll in an upward motion. best results come from rolling up rather then back and forth.

3. After the neck, use a gentle motion to roll from the jawline to the ear on both sides, moving slowing up each time to the cheekbones

4. Next roll from the forehead towards the temples, gentle motions are key here

5. For headache, try rolling flat across the eyebrows horizontally to help recess any tension


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