Festival Outfit Inspiration

Festival Outfit Inspiration

the festival season is about to hit the pinnacle of awesomeness - spleandour in the grass. planning the outfits is almost as much fun as planning the festivities! a selection of our favourite splendour bender outift inspiration.

some tips for festival dressing:

- its freezing at night and hot through the day. flash a little bit of skin over some high waisted jeans and layer on top. we just received more res denim harry hi's!

- chop up and distress a pair of jeans from boring to festival ready.

- leopard print and lace. all day erry day.

- a massive scarf to warm you at night and double as a hillside picnic blanket.

- boots and sneakers. yes yes and yes.

- headwear takes anything plain to awesome.

-floaty layers for swirling and dancing. it just feels right.

- faux fur. always.