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Hunter Essentials Set


This gift kit features two cult skin health tools for those looking for a high-performance, simple skincare ritual. Perfectly packaged within a limited edition keepsake light box.

Skin health tools included;

Cleansing Facial Scrub 150ml

Daily Face Fuel 100ml

Cleansing Facial Scrub provides a gentle exfoliation removing dead skin-cells to reveal healthy, smooth skin whilst Daily Face Fuel works to replenish vital nutrients and offers deep hydration

How to use: Use the Cleansing Facial Scrub 2-3 times a week. Apply to damp, clean skin and gently massage for approximately 30 seconds before rinsing clean. Follow by gently massaging Daily Face Fuel into skin. For best results apply Daily Face Fuel everyday, morning and night

Dosage: A pea-size of both Cleansing Facial Scrub and Daily Face Fuel