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31st May 2019

Penny Lane, captain of Alterior Motif, talks everything MBFWA '19 from runways, Resort showings and what you will be seeing at A.M. this summer!


Mercedes Benz Fashion Week this year was probably our most favourite event to date. For us,Resort collections are always a highlight and this year Fashion Week did not disappoint. Now let's be clear here, it isn’t all just drinking champagne and watching runway shows (not for us buyers anyways, we will leave that to the fashion influencers). There is a lot of hard work done in between -- viewing collections from our beloved brands and buying. Angie, Isobel and I attended 18 brand appointments in 3 days! All of these strewn around the city so we spent a lot of our time there in Ubers. But when we did get the opportunity to view a runway show, it was magic. 

Our first show was Bec & Bridge and oh my lordy was it right up my alley. The collection was called 'Wipeout' and it whispered lovingly to my inner skeg. With a nod to our beloved puberty blues, Wipeout showcased 90's inspired surf girl meets 70's prints and styling in dresses, pants, swimwear and beachwear. All I can say is that I wanted EVERYTHING. It's going to be fun in the sun this year with these guys and we will be bringing you the best of it.  

Next up, P.E. Nation was a highlight. We were corralled into a massive industrial warehouse in small groups after waiting patiently outside. The anticipation was high and the people watching was at its finest. Once inside we were treated to 30 minutes of fast tunes and fluro with that signature mash up style of P.E. Nation activewear, crossing into the fashion domain with an exclusive denim line and then finishing off with a spectacular installation of their swim collaboration with Speedo. The girls were lined up on a long podium then drenched with sprinklers from the soaringly high roof. To be honest I felt a little sorry for them, they looked like they were freezing! But the collection was hot, hot, hot. It was so hard to pick favourites as we loved it all!

Then finally we headed to the iconic Jardan Gallery in Paddington for the Hansen & Gretel show, 'Venus'. It was early morning and the sunlight poured in to the 3 level interior design store creating the perfect back drop for Hansen’s high summer collection. Whimsy and femininity reigned and the models were glowing, celebrating diversity with an array models that showcased the collection perfectly. Launching with a strong animal print then giving way to soft pastel knits and wearable summer dresses, this collection was a definite favourite and we cannot wait to show you our selects when the collection drops for summer! 

All in all, the week was a huge success for us on many levels. There was lots of laughs with long time friends from the industry, other buyers and a few sneaky drinks with our good mates at Bassike (thanks for the hangover guys, it was worth it!).

We are so excited to bring you these collections this coming summer, so start saving your coins kids, it's going to be a long hot and sexy summer!  

Bring on the heat!

xx Penny Lane.