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beauty files ... penny lane

6th September 2013

el captain of alterior motif is (if you haven't noticed) a mega babe. she rocks the natural 'i haven't tried but look amazing' makeup everyday. we asked penny pen to share her fav makeup bag essentials with us all! 

  1. bobbi brown BB cream in medium-dark (thanks to callie!) from mecca cosmetica - really good smooth coverage and has big factor sunscreen without feeling too greasy
  2. thebodyshop virgin minerals foundation in golden caramel - Its hard to colour match my skin but this is perfect, offers light sheer coverage and makes your skin glow
  3. aveda all sensitive moisturiser from juhi hair body life cotton tree - super light and natural and soaks in beautifully for everyday use
  4. MAC gel eyeliner from david jones - DOES NOT COME OFF on my funny asian eyes!!
  5. natio 30+ lip balm - never leave home without it! has the most beautiful shine, almost looks like lip gloss, very moisturising and 30+ sunscreen