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flash tattoos

2nd September 2014

flash tattoos are here! perfect little accessory to pop on bare sunskissed skin in summer. we have 3 different design packs to choose from. there are heaps of different tattoos to a pack so plenty of options to get creative. each pack has unique designs. come in store and check them out! 

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bohemian royale

25th August 2014

spell designs. effortlessly cool threads that make us want to be bohemian godesses in dreamy bedroom locations // their latest collection 'bohemian royale' doesn't disappoint // easy light fabrics perfect for dressing up and dressing down. will get you through this in between crazy weather >> well looky looky what has just landed in store!

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little people style

20th August 2014

its no secret we are pretty kid crazy here at Alterior Motif. our AM family of staff and treasured customers is full of the most beautiful kidlets out (no bias obviously). here is a little inspiration for the little people in our lives. anything in minituare is just the cutest bloody thing! pics from pinterest and captain and the gypsy kid (naturally!)

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12th August 2014

hair hair hair. a few pics to inspire you for the upcoming summer months. it wouldn't be a hair post without a picture of THAT bob. does lara bingle make everyone want to go super blonde, super short and side swept or is it just me?!

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knee holes - the new torn denim

5th August 2014

so there is a movement. you don't want distressed denim with so many holes they become half shorts half pants. but you don't want super clean denim either. enter #shitbloggerswear that actually translates really easily to our everyday wardrobe. a little tear at the knee. just the slightest nochalant nod to distressing.

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